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Rockin` On Alone
Sittin` on his porch
in an old rockin` chair
.. his mind ramblin` here and there
Smellin`supper cookin`
People drivin` by
Wavin` and a lookin`...
Wavin` at ol` man Barrett
..Everybody knows him
..he being a three war vet
Wonder what he`s athinkin`
..just sittin` there
rockin` 'n` root beer drinkin`
I bet I know
and if you`d stop and ask
he`d sure tell you so
With a quiet sigh
..and a tear in his eye
you would hear his reply..
'Things are peaceful on my porch this America.. land of the free
Just wishin` my old buddies wuz` here
.. sharin` and rockin` with me'...
Faye Sizemore 12/4/03